• Mary Evans Seeley

From Collection to a Book, It Began in Washington DC

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

The first item my husband purchased on a medical convention trip to the nation's capital was a red velour presentation folder containing a portrait of George Washington. A gift from President and Mrs. Nixon to a White House employee, it eventually found its way into the political memorabilia shop where Ron found it. When he showed it to me that afternoon, he was excited; he was enthusiastic, and his mood was contagious. Soon, I too, was learning everything I could about Presidential Christmas Cards and gifts, and our quest began in earnest.

This book began, as it should have, in Washington DC many years ago. It was pushed into being, as it should have been, by an inveterate collector, my husband, Ron. It was written because it should have been written-but wasn’t.

For more than twenty years, "Season's Greetings from the White House" has told the stories of First Families during the Christmas season. In its most recent edition, the book covers nearly a century of traditions from Calvin Coolidge to Donald J. Trump.

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