• Mary Evans Seeley

Santa for President

“When you care enough to send the best,” it may include a whimsical card from the President of the United States.

“I like Ike” was more than a campaign slogan, it was the essence of J.C. Hall’s appreciation for the famed Allied General. As the relationship between the two friends developed, Hallmark artists began to relax in their card creations. In 1958, a contemporary card was created, depicting the President happily waving dressed in a red Santa suit alongside the First Santa Lady wearing a sweet smile. “We wanted to put something of ourselves in our Christmas card to you…Merry Christmas.” Inside the card appeared an impression of Mamie’s red lips and Ike’s thumb print, both framed in gold.

Hallmark art director, Jeannette Lee, said “We are so pleased to be doing cards for the President and Mrs. Eisenhower again this year. The most excitement we have around here is hearing the results of what they like.”

What was the purpose of the "Mamie Bangs" cards created by Hallmark? Go to our BOOKS blog page to find out.

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